Visit to an onsen

Onsen is a term for hot springs in Japanese. There are many types of these hot springs, distinguished by the minerals dissolved in the water. Different minerals provide different health benefits, and all hot springs are meant to have a relaxing effect on your whole body and mind. From Japan you can find onsen that are indoors and outdoors, gender separated, mixed, developed and undeveloped. In Niseko area the only mixed onsen is in Niseko Grand Hotel (listed below).

Visiting an onsen is quite essential Japanese experience that is easily done from Annupuri Oasis Lodge. We offer a free onsen bus service that departs daily from Milky House (100m from ours lodge towards the main Annupuri Road). The bus leaves at 7:30pm and returns at 9:00pm.

You should bring a large towel and small modesty towel when you visit an onsen. Swimming costumes or underwear are not permitted. Depending on the onsen drinks are sometimes allowed.

If you’re going to visit an onsen for the first time, please check the etiquette from here.




Niseko Grand Hotel

Fee: Adult 700yen / Child 350yen
Address: 412 Aza Niseko, Niseko-cho
Business hours: 11:30-21:00
Regular holiday: Year-round operation (occasionally unavailable due to large guest group)
Ph: 0136-58-2121

Rental: bath towel 150yen – face towel 100yen

Womens bathing wear:  100yen

Distance:  around 20-25 min to walk

This is the only mixed onsen in Niseko, and women are required to wear an onsen dress.  The inside pools are very hot and the outside pool has a nice view. The outdoor pool is closed on Mon, Wed, and Fri.  Niseko Grand Hotel has one of the nicest outdoor onsens in the area.


Niseko Goshiki Onsen Ryokan

Fee: Adult 600yen / Child 400yen
Address: 510 Aza Niseko, Niseko-cho
Business hours: 8:00-21:00
Regular holiday: Year-round operation
Ph: 0136-58-2707
For Purchase: Bath towel 500yen – Face towel 200yen

This hot spring is well known as one of Niseko’s “flagship” onsens, and has appeared on national television and in various magazines on numerous occasions. Driving up to the onsen you may encounter some of the wild foxes that roam the area, as they emerge from the clouds of sulphur mist that at times wafts through the pass.


Hilton Niseko Village

Fee: Adult 1,000yen / Child 500yen
Address: Higashiyama Onsen, Niseko-cho
Business hours: 11:30∼21:00
Regular holiday: Year-end and New Year
Towel rental included in the fee

At the base of the impressive Higashiyama Prince’s Tower this beautiful open-air onsen can be found. Right next to the bath is a pond in which you will find carp passing the days contemplating fishy thoughts. Although the entrance fee is quite high, it does include towel rental. In the Higashiyama Prince Hotel complex you will also find a cafe, restaurant, games centre and boutique.


Hotel Kanro-no-mori

Fee: Adult 700yen / Child 300yen
Address: 415 Niseko, Niseko-cho
Business hours: 11:00-22:00 (last entry by 21:00)
Regular holiday: Year-round operation
Ph: 0136-58-3800
Rental: Bath towel & face towel set 200yen

This is the most fanciest one, and is also located in the biggest hotel. Nice atmosphere and very modern.  They have a sauna and the only one with a cold tub. There is also small outdoor pool (max. 4 people).